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A book which is not a book

A set of observations
of images

An inter-penetration of encounters
with the world

For those who are moved to know
by themselves and for themselves 

A manifesto of the poetics of everything, the power, clarity and completeness of knowing by oneself, the future of artistic inquiry and education, and the materiality of poetry which lies at the centre of observation

It features the full series of monochromatic images 'Riding on the wind', inspired by the story of Taoist practitioner Lieh-tzu (giclee images can be ordered using the form in the CONTACT page) 

This work was launched at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick on the 13th of March 2024. More information here

To order, please fill out the form in the CONTACT page. Also available in the Hunt Museum's shop in Limerick for a limited time. Two of the pictures from the series 'Riding on the wind' featured in this work will be exhibited in the Hunt Museum for the month of February as part of the Curator's Choice. More information here

Like drinking water


BLACKlike drinking water A5 - p3.jpg

Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Meaning in Gregorian Chant


Bringing together chant studies and John Cage's philosophical mindscape, this inter-disciplinary article represents a preliminary reflection on the concept of indeterminacy as a way of framing the conceptualisation of music writing, the creative process and the performance of Gregorian chant towards a new paradigm for meaning and interpretation. This article appears in the new book Scriptor, Cantor and Notator: The Materiality of Sound in Chant Manuscripts in the West published by Brepols Publishers, Belgium. Click on the image to order the book.


Why the way poetry is taught in school is wrong


RTE Brainstorm article.png

A book on the poetical dimension of daily experience. Listening, Silence, Sound, Movement, Light, Space and Memory are reflected upon through experience, poetry and stillness. Published in 2021 by ERÓS in Co. Clare, Ireland.

on the Poetics o


Out- -side -in (2021)

In The Artist and Academia. Phelan, H., and Welch, G. (eds.). Routledge.

The new studio. The artist as experimental pedagogue. It is noise not music - it is displacement not dance - what would we be? No curriculum - no path - just trace. Not educate but liberare | not to lead out - but to let in. Free the trace. Feel - listen - embrace - transform. And yes, poetry - the return of things - the affirmation of the poetic.


A Class of Nothing

Imagine a class with no syllabus, no teacher, no instruction, no method, no homework, no assessments, no grades, no ‘classroom’. What could that be? ‘A Class of Nothing’ is a radical pedagogical concept that stems from the need to create space. Physical space. Mental space. Space in time. Through the idea of nothing as a starting point, and no-instruction as a pedagogical tool, ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ immerse in a space of waiting, of disconnectionfrom the outside world, and eventually, of discovery and making. In the space of ‘A Class of Nothing’ to educate means no more to teach, give, orexemplify: to lead out; but to inhabit, to experience: to let in. The concepts of teacher and student become blurred, and it is no longer possible to understand them in the traditional sense. Responses from students to various ‘classes of nothing’, reveal that this kind of experience is new, intriguing, mind boggling, unusual, surprising, interesting, strange; it places them in a different space: physically, mentally and in time. This paper introduces the notion of ‘A Class of Nothing’, and provides the reader with a number of examples where this concept and approach have been applied.

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